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24 Hour Towing

Towing & Recovery Services

At Melstrom Towing, we provide 24 hour towing and roadside assistance in Ellsworth, WI and the surrounding area. Our tow trucks, wreckers and flatbed haulers service all of Pierce County and much of St. Croix County. 

Emergency Services

If you have been in an automobile accident, or need emergency assistance, please call 911 or get in touch with emergency and law enforcement services before calling for a tow truck.

Non-Emergency Roadside Assistance

Nobody wants to find themselves stranded along the roadside or stuck in the ditch. But when that happens, you can rely on Melstrom Towing to help get you and your vehicle home and help with the following situations:

  • Vehicle Lock-Outs
  • Dead Batteries & Jump Starts
  • Flat Tires
  • Broken Down Vehicles

Automotive Towing & Recovery Services

Our tow trucks and flatbed wreckers are ideally suited for passenger vehicles and light-duty or medium-duty pickups.

Motorcycle Towing

We can help get your motorcycle off the side of the road, or move it from point A to point B. We have tilt-bed wreckers to make loading your motorcycle easy and anchor points to help keep it secured during transit.

Junk Car & Abandon Vehicle Removal

If you have a junk car, broken down or abandon vehicle on your property, and you'd like to have it hauled away, we can help. We are familiar with local auto salvage yards, and if needed, we can recommend a nearby location to receive the vehicle.

Equipment & Specialty Towing Services

We can help you move light-duty and medium-duty equipment, including small farm tractors and other agriculture implement. We can also help tow your snowmobile, ATV, dirt-bike, or other recreational vehicles.

If you have a custom towing job for us, please give us a call.

Scheduled Towing

If you don't need immediate assistance, we would be happy to work with you to schedule a tow at your convenience. Please contact us to schedule a tow.

Vehicle Impound Services

We work with local and county law enforcement and other third-party agencies to perform tows. Our job is to ensure that your car is safely put in a secure, impound location. The agency who initiated the tow will be responsible for contacting you to let you know that your car has been impounded. Towing fees are not included as part of a ticket fee, and will generally need to be paid before your vehicle can be removed from impound.

For more information, please contact The City Ellsworth, or Pierce County Law Enforcment.

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24-Hour Towing Services
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24-Hour Flatbed Services

Towing Roadside Assistance

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